Jonathan Wall (developer relations guy, and a member of the team since Allaire days) has attended every MAX (and DevCon and Allaire Developer’s Conference) since 2000. Which means I have him beat, as I attended the first event in 1999 in Boston. I also have the privilege and distinction of being the only person to have had a keynote role every single year since that first conference 8 years ago. Anyway, Jonathan wants to know what MAX means to you, so head over to his blog and share.

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  1. Seeing as you mentioned it, I recall the CF conference in Boston 1999 too! I think we met but I doubt you’ll remember it. Although I’m recalling a late night of kosher chinese food. I think we were all there, not that I remember who "we" is anymore. I just remember thinking it amazing that one could find kosher chinese at any hour, let alone something like 11pm at night. (That’s just impossible back where I was from – at that point Calgary, AB Canada). Anyhow cheers to developer conferences and late night geeking, and of course good chinese food!

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