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  1. I know I’m retarded….
    Is there any documentation on the new features? tag & functions esp… cfthread…

  2. Long day….
    Told ya I was retarded. i WAS at that page already…. Thanks! can’t wait to get into it.

  3. I know it’s only been a week,
    But coldfusion.com still goes to google results, it’s been long enough that my comment about the fact that it goes nowhere is now the 4th Google entry when you type http://www.coldfusion.com.
    I and others are also disappointed in the Labs positioning of Coldfusion, I think that Apollo has had a long enough run as a featured technology and ColdFusion should get a shot.

  4. Dale, I agree, it should have been done back when we get that domain transferred to us. But I understand that it is in the queue, so here’s hoping …
    — Ben

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