ZIP And JAR File Access In Scorpio

During last night’s usergroup presentation I mentioned another new Scorpio tag, one we’ve not yet discussed publicly, and the tag that will now appear last in alphabetical CFML tag listings. provides access to ZIP and JAR files, supporting the following actions:

  • DELETE deletes one or more files from an archive file.
  • LIST lists the contents of an archive file.
  • READ reads the contents of an archived file into a variable.
  • READBINARY reads the contents of a binary archived file into a variable.
  • UNZIP extracts files from an archive file.
  • ZIP compressed files into an archive file.

A child tag is also supported as an optional way to provide file names and other attributes.

12 responses to “ZIP And JAR File Access In Scorpio”

  1. Mujeebur Rahmansaher Avatar
    Mujeebur Rahmansaher

    This Is JUST Great !
    We have been using the third party tools to do these kinda of stuff.
    Anyways, One quick question I had was is there any sort of documentation for the new tags which are supported in Scorpio. I mean it would be easier for us to test implement if we can get sort of documentation on them. Or is this something we have to wait till its release ? Please Advice.

  2. Jared Rypka-Hauer Avatar
    Jared Rypka-Hauer

    COOL!!! Adobe’s invented a new archive file format!
    What sort of specs are there for the ZAP files? Filename length? Empty folders? Compression algos?
    Come on, Ben… details details! 😉

  3. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    ZAP files? I was at Lansing last night and you didn’t mention "ZAP" files in CF8 there! LOL

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Yeah, right, nice guys – kick a guy while he is sleep deprived 😉 Wiseguys! Fixed.
    — Ben

  5. Sid Wing Avatar
    Sid Wing

    lol – The funny part is – WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day when…. ZAP actually WAS a file compression program – based off of an LZH alogrithm. I believe it was for the either the old Amiga platform or for OS/2 Warp – I can’t remember which.

  6. Rob Wilkerson Avatar
    Rob Wilkerson

    I have to give it up. You all were *definitely* thinking about the developer with this release. That makes this developer very happy.

  7. Ray Salyer Avatar
    Ray Salyer

    I really enjoyed the Coldfusion User Group in Lansing the other night. Ben really knows his stuff and it was a real pleasure meeting him. Go Ben Go!! Coldfusion is now my new passion for our companies website and one day to help others as well!!
    Thanks Ben and I look forward to meeting you again!

  8. Jared Rypka-Hauer Avatar
    Jared Rypka-Hauer

    Awww, Ben… you know we love you man (in that manly sort of way)!
    You guys always bust your behinds for us in a big way and we appreciate it more than you can know.

  9. Chair Avatar

    I am using winrar, satisfies. and zip fignya

  10. Philippe Thiout Avatar
    Philippe Thiout

    A great tag, but…. I have one question about using cfzip action=unzip, is there a way to unzip an archive file containing file names with accents?

  11. Garry Viner Avatar
    Garry Viner

    I have the same question as the last guy. I need to be able to unzip files whose names contain characters such as é, ç, ö etc
    Currently this does not work. Can anyone help?

  12. CF Guy Avatar
    CF Guy

    I am using CFZIP to read in .xlsx files – when i dump the content, all strings come across as numbers…? like A is 5, B is 6 but AB is NOT 56 its another number. However all numeric content stays intact. Anyone know how to resolev the string auto-converting to numers issue?

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