U.S. Scorpio Tour Wrap Up

20 flights (almost all on schedule), 2 train rides (including a last minute impromptu one), 16 hotel stays (one with the added fun of being stuck in an elevator, a glass elevator make that), over 3,000 miles driven, 24 usergroup presentations, a conference and a 1/2 day seminar and several customer visits (one not even in a State I was visiting), presentations to approximately 2,000 enthusiastic individuals, and over 100 hours of actual presentation time … all in 4 weeks.
And those are just my numbers, and do not include the events and time and miles logged by Tim and Adam.
We’ve done tours like this many times before, but this was the most hectic and fast paced to date. And now I get to catch my breath for a bit. Last night I presented ColdFusion Scorpio to a group in East Lansing, MI, my final U.S. in-person usergroup presentation on this tour (Adam still has a couple of events coming up, and we are also planning several Breeze events for groups not visited).
And the response has been phenomenal. Everyone is excited about Scorpio, the blogs have been buzzing, feedback has been superb, lots of attendees expressed relief and gratitude at seeing such a compelling ColdFusion built in this new Adobe era – no complaints, no negative feedback, just real enthusiasm and excitement. The only frequently heard complaint was from users who want it now!
Oh, and there are still features we have not yet leaked or shown! 😉
A public thank you to Ed Sullivan who coordinated this entire tour. If you don’t know Ed, trust me, your usergroup managers do. He’s the man behind the scenes who sets schedules, ships out goodies (t-shirts, those cool M&M’s, and more), and pulls all the strings needed to pull this all off.
To all of you who took part in the events, thanks for participating, and we’re really glad that you are as excited about the upcoming release as we are. For those of you anxiously waiting to get your hands on Scorpio, stay tuned, the planned public beta is imminent.
Oh, and if any of you have pics to share, please send them my way to I can post them. Thanks!

7 responses to “U.S. Scorpio Tour Wrap Up”

  1. craig Avatar

    What was that date for the Scorpio public beta?
    Comments and recent postings have me *really* wanting to try this!

  2. Tim Buntel Avatar
    Tim Buntel

    Soon; as in weeks not months 🙂

  3. KEVIN BENORE Avatar

    I predict CFUnited with be very special this year.

  4. Tim Buntel Avatar
    Tim Buntel

    We will be at CFUNITED as a Platinum sponsor this year, and it’s a great event. We plan the release dates of the product around the product, though. Labs soon, middle of 2007 ship.

  5. KEVIN BENORE Avatar

    Well, so much for that idea. I am still excited.

  6. Dave Dugdale Avatar
    Dave Dugdale

    Great job showing of cf8 in Denver, I really enjoyed it.
    Can’t wait to try it out.

  7. Ken Teegardin Avatar
    Ken Teegardin

    I liked the presentation. It got me very fired up so I bought CS3 and upgraded to MySQL5. Too bad the release is a bit of a disappoint. I have been unable to use any of the new features due to lack of documentation (including the new Forta book) and other limits. I hope there is another book coming that will cover in depth all the NEW features and how to adapt them for non-generic implementations..

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