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This morning Tim, Adam, and I will be presenting “The Future Of ColdFusion” at a seminar in Washington, D.C.
Then we head over to the inaugural meeting of the new Capitol Hill User Group. Tim and Adam will be presenting, but I’ll drop by briefly before heading to the airport for a flight to Atlanta for the usergroup session there tonight. If you in either area, please drop by!

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  1. Mischa Avatar

    Great presentation, thanks Ben! You know you have a bunch of geeks when they clap for a floating div…

  2. Clint Avatar

    WOW! I can’t wait till Scorpio comes out! You always make the presentations extremely exciting and interesting. So many new things I don’t know which I like most, ALL OF THEM. Thank you for the JSON and Ajax features, cool! Those .NET guys sitting next to me were laughing thier heads off because Coldfusion was doing in minutes what they had to work for days to accomplish. All that hard work and they could have just used CF to breeze right through it.
    I’m really glad to hear about the MySQL DB drivers. I think this could be a boost in getting some PHP developer to migrate. I wonder what CF 9 will hold? I wonder If I can even learn all the new 8 stuff before 9 comes out?

  3. hibiscusroto Avatar

    nice job in dc…can’t wait for CF8!

  4. Andrew Mauer Avatar
    Andrew Mauer

    I don’t know what was more engaging with the seminar: the presenters or the presentation! As always, it was a very enlightening presentation (man, I can’t wait until Scorpio is release!!!). I’m really looking forward to whatever you guys end up doing for the actual release – I was able to get a few CF people and non-CF people to attend and both groups were duly impressed! I really appreciate the fact that CF is committed to platform and technology integration, as that helps further my goal to keep CF a perfectly affordable and viable option in web development in organizations having a hodge-podge of legacy systems put in place by the uniformed whim of short-term executives.
    Keep up the great work!
    — I would have commented earlier but today is the first day since the seminar where my sprained wrist allowed me to type…

  5. SC Avatar

    wow and here is CF 9 and still the same damn bugs and the same dumb ass programmers

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