Slight Change Of Plans For DC Event Tonight

I am on my way down to D.C. from New Jersey. But, with the storm moving through here, my flight is delayed and it looks like it’ll be delayed further. I was advised against driving down (Beltway traffic concerns), and so dashed over to the Newark Amtrak station to catch a train down to D.C. Unfortunately, lots of others did so too, and the express trains are completely sold out. So, I am sitting on a train making my way down to D.C. rather slowly (connected to the Internet via my 3G GSM data card) and will be arriving over an hour after tonight’s event is scheduled to start. Fortunately, I leave you in good hands as Tim Buntel and Adam Lehman just arrived in D.C., and they’ll be covering the usergroup presentation tonight. And I’ll be by as soon as I can.

4 responses to “Slight Change Of Plans For DC Event Tonight”

  1. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    The session is about to start, and I am … let’s see … Wilmington, DE 🙁

  2. Clint Avatar

    I don’t see whats the problem. As long as you make it to Atlanta tomorrow night everything will be all right. See you there, I hope.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Gee, thanks Clint. 🙂 I did make it for the last 45 mins or so. And hopefully the weather will ease up for tomorrow.
    — Ben

  4. randy Avatar

    Thanks for the time with us in NJ and sorry the weather didn’t work out for the others
    BTW – Did you take the train out of Newark or MetroPark?

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