Next Up, New York

Yesterday’s Scorpio presentations in Connecticut went very well, with over 100 attendees between the two venues.
I’m posting this as I am about to head out the door to drive to Albany, NY for a midday session, and then it is in to New York City for a presentation this evening. So, if you are the area (in NY, or later in the week in NJ, DC, and GA), please drop by.

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  1. vishy Avatar

    Ben –
    its been pleasure meeting you yesterday @sacred heart, and your presentation rocks. One small question is regarding the introduction of <cfinterface> what exactly one can benefit from this tag?
    in cffunction when we use type="any" and we can do all validations about the methods in the arguments passed (like datatype, arguments etc..) what exactly we additional benefit we can get from cfinterface?

  2. David Avatar

    Ben – it was a great presentation, and we appreciate your visiting both sites in CT. I know we’re all buzzing about the new features in CF 8.
    Thanks again,

  3. Ben Nadel Avatar
    Ben Nadel

    Ben, thanks for taking the time to talk to use for over 3 hours last night. I am sure many of us could have asked for even more (but you are only human :)). It was a fantastic presentation and I, now more than ever, cannot wait for this baby to hit the shelves. Just watching the slides, I started to reinvent so many of my applications in my mind utilizing the new CF8 features.

  4. Dmitriy Goltseker Avatar
    Dmitriy Goltseker

    Thanks for the long awated presentation. (and thanks for the autograph as well!!!). On small question on the autocomplete example. The way autocomplete example was shown is that after you start typing it makes an AJAX call and shows you the results that it found. Is this possible for the feature to start working after the nth character? (make an AJAX call after the nth character). So for example you type 3 characters, and the AJAX call will kick on the 4th one, etc.

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Dimitriy, simplest way to do that would be for the CFC method to just ignore any short arguments, return an empty result. To actually avoid making the async calls you’ll need to tinker with some JavaScript I suspect.
    — Ben

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