Kicking Off Week 2 In Dallas This Evening

I am in Dallas, the first of three Scorpio Usergroup tour venues in Texas, and later this week I visit Phoenix and Detroit (on the way home). If you are in the area, please drop by this evening where I plan on showing Scorpio features not shown previously (not even at the presentations last week).

3 responses to “Kicking Off Week 2 In Dallas This Evening”

  1. Ryan Everhart Avatar
    Ryan Everhart

    I was there, very well done Ben thank you very much for coming. I’m very excited!!

  2. Steven Van Gemert Avatar
    Steven Van Gemert

    I was there and WOW! Absolutely love the new server management controls. Now finally something real to be able to use to improve server performance and identify (and therefore be able to fix) slow running queries!
    Love the CFPDF stuff, and the CFImage tag.
    There were many things that elicited applause from Ben’s presentation actually. Thanks to our DFW CFUG sponsors for setting up a stellar event! Great job Ben for the content – nice delivery style, felt like we could ask our questions at any time, and boy did we! 🙂 I learned a ton.
    We’re excited for the release now… Now I’m working on convincing our clients to upgrade.
    Steven Van Gemert

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