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I post ColdFusion (and occasionally Flex) related job listings on this blog, never more than once a week (and usually on Fridays) and sometimes less frequently. For as long as I have been doing this I have had people contacting me (or sometimes leaving comments) asking why I do so, stating that it’s not something that I should use my blog for, and even suggesting that my doing so reflects badly on ColdFusion and the ColdFusion market and community.
So why do I do it? It’s very simple really. This week, at a usergroup event, someone came up to me to tell me that they managed to hire a ColdFusion developer via a post that I recently made. That’s really gratifying. But this week I also received thank you e-mails from two individuals who were out of work and who have found jobs via posts a made. And those messages made my week – to be able to help people that way, honestly, there really is little more gratifying than that.

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  1. Nick Voss Avatar
    Nick Voss

    I think it’s really great that you help folks out this way. It’s also kind of fun to hear about different opportunities with CF from all over!

  2. Stefan Avatar

    I am disturbed by the arrogance some people have. Spending your time on helping both companies and individuals in need is more than admirable. Thank you very much!

  3. Andy Matthews Avatar
    Andy Matthews

    I agree. When it comes down to it, it’s your blog and you can do with it as you choose.
    Can’t wait for you to make it to Nashville for the Scorpio presentation. The new features in the beta look amazing!

  4. Jason Holden Avatar
    Jason Holden

    I’m happily employed, but I like seeing the potential opportunities. I’m not sure how employing more CF developers is a bad thing for Adobe. Keep it up!

  5. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    I also post job openings and have had emails from both employers and employees who have connected via a job I’ve posted. I don’t see how anyone could say posting job ads is a bad thing…?

  6. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    I also post job openings and have had emails from both employers and employees who have connected via a job I’ve posted. I don’t see how anyone could say posting job ads is a bad thing…?

  7. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    OK, your blog is telling me the CAPTCHA I enter is incorrect but it’s going ahead and posting my comments anyway – bug!

  8. Dave Quested Avatar
    Dave Quested

    Ben I think its really important to post jobs where ever possible. As a community we need to promote CF as much as possible. This starts with roles being available using CF. If roles are really hard to find then both developers and employers will consider using other technologies. Perhaps as a community (internationally) we can have a central place for all these postings. I believe this has been done before, but doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try again. With a decent search and configurable RSS feeds. It will take well known people in the field to take the lead on this I’d say.

  9. KEVIN BENORE Avatar

    How does posting a job "reflects badly on ColdFusion and the ColdFusion market and community"? I think it shows the popularity of CF and the strength of the community. And who is to say what you do with your blog?

  10. David Avatar

    Ben, I manage a web development team, and it’s tough to get the right people with the right skills – you’ve helped me out with posting in the past, and I think it’s a great resource. Keep it up, don’t listen to the nay-sayers.

  11. Amy Avatar

    I think it’s great, nice to know what’s out there for fellow CF’ers (job market wise).

  12. Calvin Avatar

    I agree that posting jobs on your site is a bad thing, especially if you’re not interested in fostering the development community and helping people maintain a living using those skill sets…
    What are you thinking?!?

  13. Derek Versteegen Avatar
    Derek Versteegen

    If nothing else, posting jobs gives me the confidence that there are constantly positions available to explore. I’m very happy and secure with my current position, but this would be one of the first places I would look for new opportunities. So, thank you for doing so, keep up the great work.

  14. Jamie Samland Avatar
    Jamie Samland

    I was out of work a few years ago and found searching for "ColdFusion" very difficult. Lots of recruiters call it "Cold Fusion" and lots of others put it on a job posting that’s really for .net/Java/C++ because they don’t understand the difference or think they’re interchangeable. Seeing a posting on Ben’s blog gives it more credibility than anything I’d see on Monster or CareerBuilder or whatever else. And anyway, it’s your blog, post what you had for lunch each day if you want!

  15. Kevin Roche Avatar
    Kevin Roche

    Ignore those guys – keep up the good work.

  16. Andre Audet Avatar
    Andre Audet

    Hi Ben. Thank you for not only posting U.S. located jobs, but jobs from other countries as well. I live in Canada and I think it’s great that you also mention CF job opportunities from up here!

  17. Greg Ferro Avatar
    Greg Ferro

    Ben, I was wondering if you can help me post our ColdFusion positions in our blog… Our business is growing, therefore we’re in search of several (8+) ColdFusion Developers at Clear Capital in Truckee, CA (near Lake Tahoe). What is the best way for me to send you the job description? Thanks for your help!
    Greg Ferro

  18. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Greg, just send me a paragraph, with details and a link or contact info. Same for anyone else who wants a position posted.
    — Ben

  19. Russell Youngblood Avatar
    Russell Youngblood

    I really do appreciate job postings on user group newsletters and blog sites. I pass them along to others and I know they appreciate these postings too. It is great to see how the web changes the world we live in. It was not that long ago that you had to go digging through all day to find job opportunities …. now they just fall into your email inbox.

  20. Jeff Avatar

    My friend Kryssy at R/GA in NYC is looking for Flash Developers of all levels for full-time onsite work.
    Description as follows.
    * Scripting of Flash Interfaces and Applications in AS 2.0
    * Maintenance of ongoing projects
    Programming Knowledge Requirements:
    * Full understanding of Object Orientated development and design with regards to AS2.0.
    * A proactive, quality orientated approach to development.
    * A love of clean and if possible reusable code.
    * Experience in working in medium to large sized teams in a structured and disciplined manner, e.g. test-driven development, version-control and deployment knowledge is very helpful.
    * Good working knowledge of OO Actionscript.
    Soft skill we like:
    * Plays well with others i.e. able to interface with designers and usability designers.
    * Isn’t afraid to raise there hand when something goes wrong and they need some help.
    * Curious about new technologies and eager to keep abreast of the ones they already know.
    Why should consider applying:
    * Large supportive department of developers and a full QA team.
    * A CTO that will always talk to you and help you get to where you want to go.
    * Be amongst developers who are really into what they do and push the boundaries of development.
    If interested email with you resume and some code samples. Be sure to say that Jeff sent you.

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