CFWACK 8 In The Works

A while back I asked for your input on what to do with my ever-growing ColdFusion books. Lots of you responded, and your feedback was and is invaluable. I’m please to announce that we are indeed working on the 3 book plan that most of you supported. Ray Camden is once again joining me as a lead author, and the contributing author team is made up of all sorts of experts ensuring that you’ll get quality coverage of topics, especially all that’s new in ColdFusion Scorpio. More to follow.

8 responses to “CFWACK 8 In The Works”

  1. Rick Smith Avatar
    Rick Smith

    This is fantastic news! I’m so glad to hear you went with the three volumes. Looking forward to purchasing my set. 😀

  2. Matthew Lesko Avatar
    Matthew Lesko

    Would be nice to see this in an electronic, indexed (i.e., be able to look things up) format.

  3. Raymond Buechler Avatar
    Raymond Buechler

    Re: Electronic version
    Doesn’t Amazon now offer some of the books it sells in electronic, searchable format for like an extra $10?

  4. Will Tomlinson Avatar
    Will Tomlinson


  5. Mark Drew Avatar
    Mark Drew

    I guess I better start on my CFEclipse book! or pamphlet…

  6. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    @@Mark — Keep to the TV for CFEclipse — its awesome.

  7. Dale Fraser Avatar
    Dale Fraser

    Obviously this won’t come out pre 8 launch, and you obviously wont want to give away that date.
    But could you tell us how quickly after the CF8 launch this will be availble, days? weeks? months?

  8. Ian Welsh Avatar
    Ian Welsh

    Ben, Amazon just emailed to say Vol 1 will be available Aug 31. It also seems to list Vol 2 and 3 as having Oct 4 and Oct 29 publish dates and is accepting pre-orders. Are those Oct dates correct (or close)?
    Also, do you have a table of contents for each volume available?

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