Ray Camden's ColdFusion Newbie Contest

Ray has posted details about his latest ColdFusion contest, this time one for beginners. He explicitly says that I can’t enter, which is a bummer, because he wants developers to create a Tamagotchi-like virtual pet, and way back when my CFWACK included exactly that, a virtual pet app (I forget who wrote it, but it was used in a lesson on session variables, back when those were first introduced). I guess that means that if any of you have a real old version of CFWACK then you have a working solution, and it also means that Ray better look out for that. 😉

4 responses to “Ray Camden's ColdFusion Newbie Contest”

  1. Chris Peters Avatar
    Chris Peters

    In my heart, you’ll always be the winner of the contest, Ben. You don’t even need to enter! 😉

  2. Max Hamby Avatar
    Max Hamby

    I’m with Tony…. I’m interested to see what you’d come up with. Of course, I’m just being selfish…hoping to learn something that I didn’t know by examining your solution…

  3. tony of the weeg clan Avatar
    tony of the weeg clan

    man, like i first suggested on his blog, you SHOULD submit one, just to see
    what YOU would come up with.
    i think it would benefit the competition more than most would realize.

  4. Derek P. Avatar
    Derek P.

    Is Scorpio Man aloud to enter? 🙂

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