Free Version Of FusionCharts Available

InfoSoft Global, the creator of FusionCharts, has released FusionCharts Free, a no-cost version featuring beautiful animated Flash charts which can be used with ColdFusion (as well as other back-ends).

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  1. Lance Avatar

    Have you ever used this technology? We like the way it looks, and would possibly consider it for implementation in a "dashboard" application we are working on. There are several of these kinds of vendors out there, and we were just wondering if this is one you prefer, or posted this on your blog because they support multiple technologies, including ColdFusion?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Lance, no, when I actually recommend a product I am clear that I am doing so. This is just a link of interest, and while the demos look great, I have no experience with this at all.
    — Ben

  3. James Avatar

    what do you think about this product?

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