Positions In FL, NC, CA, NY, AZ

Lots of positions to post this week (including several in nice warm climates):

  • (Miami, FL) is looking for 2 full-time ColdFusion developers, one senior and one more entry-level. Flex experience is a plus. Contact Jason Calleiro.
  • Unnamed large company (Greensboro, NC) is looking for a ColdFusion developer to work on a 3-8 month contract starting in June. The project is centered around a PaperThin CommonSpot implementation, and so CommonSpot experience is required. Remote development (with occasional trips to Greensboro) is an option. Contact Patrick Flanagan at Beacon Technologies.
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA) is looking for a full-time ColdFusion developer to work on internal and public facing sites. Experience with SQL Server, XHTML, and Fusebox is required. Please apply online for Job ID 5922.
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA) has an open part-time intern position for a ColdFusion developer. Experience with SQL, XHTML, and Fusebox is required. Please apply online for Job ID 5382.
  • (New York, NY) is looking for a full-time ColdFusion developer. Must have experience with ColdFusion MX, CFCs, SQL Server (especially writing and using stored procedures), and CSS. MVC experience and Ajax experience preferred. Details posted online.
  • Amkor Technology (Chandler, AZ) is looking for a Sr. Web Application Engineer. This position requires a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and at least 5 years of experience developing and maintaining web based applications in a corporate environment, and at least 3 years development experience using ColdFusion with an emphasis on CFC based development. Details posted online.

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  1. Twain Avatar

    I will investigate your suggestions. But I do have a related and important question. In 2002 I was at the top of my game in ColdFusion development. Applying ColdFusion at a very sophisticated levels — FuseBox, WDDX, database-driven web presentations, parameterized SQL to name a few examples. I was excellent in my work, and promoted every soon in my typically gov’t contracted work effort.
    But in 2002, I needed to take an urgent hiatus from that work to provide family care. Thankfully all of those matters are well and happily resolved. Now I want/need to return to that work, but I am facing a credibility issue with my prospective employers. I am writing to hear your suggestion as to my re-entry effort.

  2. Mark Smyth Avatar
    Mark Smyth

    Hi Twain,
    When not just get certified in CF7? That should help lay to rest any skill set issue prospective employers have. And certification combined with your previous experience would be attractive to employers..
    If you want to go for this the best tools are:
    Ben’s CF7 Certification Study Guide (and NO i’m not on commission!)
    And the CF Buster exam tool
    These 2 tools and a bit of practice and you should get through the exam fine!
    Good Luck

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