Scorpio Tour Mapped On Google Maps

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  1. Jimmy Avatar

    I see Omaha on the map for May 1st yet I don’t see it on your schedule. Could it be true?!

  2. charlie arehart Avatar
    charlie arehart

    I wonder if that may be a facet of the different colored pins on the map. I see the map description mentions that it covers Ben, Tim, and Adam all doing talks. Perhaps the different colors represent the different speakers? I’ll drop a note to Adam to ask. Perhaps Ben knows, or can do the same in case the address I have may not still be correct.

  3. Adam Avatar

    Indeed. The push pins to denote different Speakers.
    Blue = Ben
    Red = Adam
    Fuchsia = Tim
    Purple = More than one of us
    There are a lot more red pins to come, so if you don’t see your city on here check back often.

  4. Sid Wing Avatar
    Sid Wing

    YES!!!!!!!!! Huntsville is on the LIST!!!!!!!

  5. Stephen Moretti Avatar
    Stephen Moretti

    sheesh… Anyone would think that the world was flat and that the "New World" was the only world! ;oD
    You missed off your European dates… Most importantly, of course, you missed Scotch ‘007 – the Lat and Long for the Scotch venue is (55.949714,-3.218524)

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