Creative Suite 3 has been officially announced. For an interactive introduction visit the Creative License page. To learn which products are included with which editions, see the product page (click on the Compare Editions tab). And for those of you who were worried, CS3 includes an update to our much beloved Fireworks. Yeah!

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  1. Apparently Dreamweaver is being updated from 8 to CS3, if that makes sense. I am just wondering if it is worth it. But since we have stay up on our version number, we will no doubt purchase this one to.

  2. No, HomeSite+ isn’t included with Dreamweaver CS3 since HS+ isn’t fully compatible with Windows Vista. HomeSite is still available for separate purchase on

  3. I’m a little confused as to the product paths here…. We spent a great deal of $ on Studio 8…. seems like not too long ago. I’m not complaining…just confused.
    Now there is CS3 with various different packages. Is this a different product line takeoff or what? My main focus has been web design and coldfusion integration. Just finished a new site I’m proud of and seems like I used outdated tools with Studio 8. Does CS3 enhance this path fundamentally or is it just adding additional tools?
    Is there coldfusion integration with Dreamweaver CS3? Is it enhanced in any way?
    It seems if I stayed with Studio 8 and added Photoshop I would be up to speed… or am I missing something?
    I’m still doing research on all this because there now seems to be so many options… Ben, please enlighten us as to how us original Studio 8 folks fit into the new paths……
    A devoted MM fan since MX6…

  4. Hi, Mark-
    Dreamweaver CS3 did not focus on server-side improvements or CF integration beyond what’s in DW8, but a veritable slew of updates on the CSS/standards/design/rendering features. DWCS3’s focus is largely on being a more trusted design/coders tool in general (better standards/W3C support and visual rendering to specs instead of browsers, faster code and design views, integration with Photoshop for such things as cut/paste images and optimization), and adding rich UI elements and XMLHttpRequest/Ajax development via the Spry framework. If you’re on Mac OS X, DW CS3 is also now a universal binary application which increases speed significantly on that platform (although performance is much more responsive on Windows, too).
    Personally, I couldn’t revert back to using DW 8, but it really depends on your workflow and needs. Hope this was helpful?
    -Scott, Adobe Systems

  5. If Flex Builder is not part of the Creative Suite offerings, does that mean that Adobe is phasing out support for Flex? Which product of CS3 is functionally equivalent to Flex Builder?

  6. I have the new Adobe CS3 Collection (Design) and i love it.
    Dreamweaver is my best friend. And the other tools are very great for design and publishing.

  7. Fireworks CS3 includes many updates. It’s probably the biggest feature release in years for Fireworks. And while those features don’t include much needed changes to the main bitmap or vector tool set, other very significant tools have been added.
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  8. All along i have been using microsoft frontpage, today i have downloaded Dreamweaver trial version of it. I found the dreamweaver is much user friendly and easy to use!

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