I usually only post these once a week, on Friday’s. But this ColdFusion opportunity at an organization we all love so dearly, well, it’s too good to wait, so …
Mozilla (home of Firefox and Thunderbird) is looking for a freelance ColdFusion developer who can design, develop, and deploy a set of web applications (including existing
ColdFusion applications) to help visualize information from internal and external data sources. This will involve participation at all phases of development, including data model design, application architecture, user interface and user experience design, development, test, and final deployment of the solution. This is a contracting opportunity with a project duration of approximately 3 to 6 months. Please forward a cover letter and resume to breckard@mozilla.com.

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  1. Man, if that wasn’t a contract job, I’d finally have a good excuse to move to California. What could be better than coding ColdFusion for Mozilla?!

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