Who Uses ColdFusion? Ask GotCFM

I’ve hosted a Who’s Using ColdFusion? list on this site for many years. It’s a massive user submitted list, but as it is user submitted some of the data is very out of date. (If you do know of out of date entries, let me know). Rey Bango has create GotCFM?, a site that allows users to submit the details about sites powered by ColdFusion (as well as 3rd party CFML engines).

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  1. Sophek Tounn Avatar
    Sophek Tounn

    Hi Ben,
    Since I’m looking for a house, I want you to know is a CF site. This is a national advertised real estate magazine.

  2. Rey Bango Avatar
    Rey Bango

    Thanks for the mention Ben. will be much more than a site dedicated to a list of sites. I want to expand it to provide information on how to promote CF technologies and expand its reach within the existing userbase as well as to new clients. I want to have case studies, strategy guides and position papers and I hope that Adobe will help in contributing some of that data.
    Thanks again,

  3. Max Avatar

    There is a Digg story up for this, make sure to digg it and help promote ColdFusion. Great site btw Rey.

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