Yahoo! ActionScript 3 Libraries

I was chatting about Flex with someone sitting next to me on a flight today. An application his company sells could benefit from access to current weather data, and so I told him to take a look at the extensive Yahoo! ActionScript 3 libraries designed to be used with Flex 2 applications. Included are:

  • Yahoo! Answers AS3 API provides access to the Yahoo! Answers Q&A service.
  • Yahoo! Weather AS3 API provides access to current detailed meteorological conditions and forecasts for over 60 thousand locations around the world, from Aruba to Zimbabwe internationally, and from zip code 00210 to 99950 in the US.
  • Yahoo! Search AS3 API allows searching of millions of documents, images, and more.
  • Yahoo! AS3 API provides access to the is a social event calendaring system.
  • Yahoo! Maps AS3 Communication Kit provides access to Yahoo! Mapping, this is actually an AS2 wrapper around the existing AS2 component.

Too bad there was no Internet access at 35,000 feet, it would have been fun to quickly build him an example just to show how easy this all is.

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