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  1. Macromedia (before it was taken over) used to run MAX or similar events in many countries (I remember attending the Singapore event on at least three occasions when I lived there, and they had them in Australia as well if my memory serves correctly. Macromedia always trested there overseas users/clients with almost as much as importance as their US client. (Unusual for a US based company), but it seems that Adobe is not going to carry on the good work in that area…pity!

  2. Adrian,
    It probably had nothing to do with Adobe, it probably had to do with attendance turnout in those different countries…hard to afford to put a conference on that not enough people attend that spread out.

  3. With all the conferences I am attending in the US this year (speaking at cfunited and cfobjective) I think I shall try and speak at Max Europe in Barcelona! Where do I sign up as a speaker? (or who do I have to bribe?)

  4. Adrian, actually, MAX Asia 2006 was held in three locations in Asia, and yes, one of them indeed was Singapore. We’ve not announced plans for Asia yet, but that does not mean that this won’t happen. Oh, and no, there has never been a MAX in Australia (not in Macromedia or Allaire days). Considering that Adobe did ineed host multiple non US MAX events last year, and considering that this is the very first MAX in Europe (Macromedia never hosted one there), I’d say that Adobe is not just doing the same, but actually doing better.
    — Ben

  5. This is the earliest that Max has been announced and I appreciate the early notification. Dates are more important than venue at this point for planning purposes.
    I assume you’re aware, Ben, that your captcha function always fails ("Captcha Not Available") in Firefox.

  6. Joe, I agree, which is why we’ve posted the dates long before the site is ready.
    And I use the captcha in FF all the time without a problem, I am actually posting this using FF. Odd. Although, I am running an older version of Ray’s blog code, and need to update. I’ll get to it soon.
    — Ben

  7. I’m thrilled MAX is coming to Chicago. Our whole development team will be able to make it without travelling further than we do to go to the office. To reiterate the earlier question from Mark Drew – is there somewhere I can submit some presentation ideas?

  8. Adam, there will indeed be a call for papers, but it’s a little early for that. Wait for the announcement, I’ll post a note here too.
    — Ben

  9. I’ve got public speaking in my history as well and might be interesting in cover a topic – are the old MAXX sites up and would they still have session information for me to review what has been covered (generally)?
    (posted w/ ff

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