AdobeStock_455007340 Article On ColdFusion has published an article by Kola Oyedeji on why ColdFusion should be of interest to Java developers.

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  1. Tom Chiverton Avatar
    Tom Chiverton

    Wow, that’s a very very positive article, from a place I expected to be more sceptical.
    It’s good people are seeing the benefits of ColdFusion (in some cases ‘at last’ 🙂 ) !

  2. Brian Swartzfager Avatar
    Brian Swartzfager

    I especially liked that he pointed out it’s not a case of "either/or": you can mix ColdFusion and Java together as much as you want or need to. I think that’s an idea that would encourage Java developers to try solving a particular challenge in their Java app with ColdFusion, and once they start seeing how they can use it to make certain tasks easier, they’ll want to learn more about it.

  3. narayan Avatar

    We do the same thing in our company. We are core java enterprise guys but internally we use CF for quick web stuffs.
    I like that point it survived 12+ yrs.. and it will do so in future.. go fusion go…

  4. Kola Avatar

    Brian Hi I think you have touched on the main point I was trying to get across, in the Java camps it shouldn’t be viewed as ColdFusion Vs Java but more a case of investigating ColdFusion + Java especially as it allows them to make use of their existing application server, apis, skill sets etc. And is closer to home than some of the other technologies that many Java developers are flocking to such as Ruby

  5. James White Avatar
    James White

    It’s good to see what I have been advocating since MX became available. If the rumors are true abot supporting other JEE servers (WebSphere, JBoss, etc.), as well as the .NET object support I have heard about, then CF could become the scripting language that unites a lot of different development shops. Good to see some good positive info on CF from the Java camp.

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