Fusion Debug 2.0 Released

FusionDebug 2.0 is a professional debugger for use with ColdFusion MX 6 and 7. FusionDebug now installs a completely pre-configured IDE environment, including Eclipse 3.2 and CFEclipse 1.3, to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. It enables developers to control program execution by setting breakpoints, stepping into tags and CFC’s, examining and modifying variables dynamically, and more.

3 responses to “Fusion Debug 2.0 Released”

  1. Tony Avatar

    Nice set of features, but why of why is this sort of thing not built into CF? We are spoilt with other features, but have always been lacking when it comes to debugging compared to some other languages. I’ve been using .net recently and have loved the breakpoint, watching of variables etc capability. Please please please stop me from having to put cfaborts everywhere to find out what my apps are doing!

  2. Nate Avatar

    So, this costs $299 for the commercial version, right? What are the less expensive alternatives and how do they compare?

  3. charlie arehart Avatar
    charlie arehart

    I know this post is a little old, but in case others come along, I’ll point out that there are often discounts offered on the FD site, such as one now through April 30, bringing it down to 249.
    Beyond that, though, there’s also always an offer of a non-commercial edition for $124(see the site for clarification, but basically it’s education, non-profit, or personal use when not for commercial gain) .

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