Checking In From São Paulo

I just arrived in São Paulo, Brazil. For a while it looked like I’d not make it here. I left Detroit early this morning (a 6:00am flight), flying to Atlanta to catch a connection for the 10 hour or so flight down to São Paulo. The flight left Detroit over an hour late because of delays in the deicing area, and then we circled Atlanta for almost an hour due to local weather. We touched down at 9:25 in Terminal B, with my connecting flight scheduled for 9:40am out of Terminal E. And the not overly helpful Delta rep refused to call the next gate to say we were on our way (there were 2 of us trying to make the connection), and then she casually said “you have 8 minutes, you can run to try and make it, but they won’t hold the plane for you” (exact words). Well, we ran like crazy, and got to the gate at 9:45am, only to find that they were indeed holding the flight until 10:00am as there were other connections running late as well. Thanks Delta, that was completely unnecessary! 🙁
Anyway, I made it, my 4th visit here in 5 years, and it’s good to be back (I posted some trivia about São Paulo during a prior visit). I’ll be in Brazil until Wednesday night, three days chock full of demonstrations and meetings and customer visits and press interviews and presentations, including a usergroup presentation and a keynote at a local Web 2.0 conference.
But, first things first, mission #1: Find a can of Guaraná and a caipirinha.

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  1. Fernando da Silva Trevisan Avatar
    Fernando da Silva Trevisan

    Welcome back, Ben!
    Good to hear you checked in OK. I’ll be at your wednesday presentantion, so, see you later =)
    Enjoy the time!

  2. Francisco Paulino Avatar
    Francisco Paulino

    Hi Ben
    welcome back!
    I’ll be at your wednesday presentantion!

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