ColdFusion Helps Terapad Go Beyond Blogging

Terapad is blogging on steroids, an incredibly impressive hosted application that starts with blogging but also includes content management, job boards, image galleries, event calendars, forums, integration with third party services (PayPal, Google Analytics, Flickr, and more), complete CSS based customization, and much more. It’s also really inexpensive – free with embedded ads, or $5/month ad-free. And best of all, the entire system is powered by ColdFusion and JRun.

5 responses to “ColdFusion Helps Terapad Go Beyond Blogging”

  1. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    And it’s from none other than Stuart Tual, who some folks may remember from way back. Anyone remember CFVault?

  2. Andy Allan Avatar
    Andy Allan

    Gah, Stephen Tual … I know too many people named Stuart!!!

  3. Justin Dean Avatar
    Justin Dean

    Stephan Tual – 🙂

  4. Chuck Mason Avatar
    Chuck Mason

    Was a particular framework was used for terapad?

  5. Stephan Tual Avatar
    Stephan Tual

    Thank you for the kind words Ben, I’ll pass them on the rest of the team.
    Andy: you remember, I’m impressed! Those were the days weren’t they? 😀
    Chuck: our framework is all homemade, very influenced by Steve Nelson’s Fusebox 3 though. We’re old school like that 😉

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