The first four weeks of our upcoming spring pre-Scorpio launch usergroup tour have been finalized. Here are the names and dates of the first 18 venues:

(Yes, that is 7 venues in week four ).
This is already shaping up to be the biggest usergroup tour to date, and it’s going to get bigger. I’ll post additional venues as I have the dates. And because so many cities want to be a part of this tour, and because cloning is still not a viable option, we’ve managed to rope in ColdFusion Product Marketing Manager Tim Buntel and ColdFusion Specialist Adam Lehman, allowing us to drop by even more groups. Stay tuned, more details to follow!

5 thoughts

  1. Dan, still trying to work that in.
    Sean, yeah, I’ve been advocating for years that little boxes wrapped in ribbons shoudl be considered expensable items as part of travel. 😉
    Christoph, working on that too.
    — Ben

  2. Ben – glad we’re getting you on a Monday! I have the elves busily working on the cfugitives web site – looking forward to it.

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