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I presented a seminar in Brussels today to a full room of close to 100. The crowd showed up to learn about Scorpio, but I made that wait … I started with some of the MAX integration demos, then moved on to ColdFusion/Flex integration (demonstrating the value of adding Flex Data Services to the mix), and then eventually on to Scorpio. They did not get as much detail as we’ll cover in the upcoming usergroup tour, it’s still a bit early for that, but they loved it anyway, all of it (especially, nah, can’t tell ).
Tomorrow I have a presentation to the European Commission (the largest ColdFusion customer in Europe, and the reason I am here), and then off to the airport and back home.

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  1. Wim Avatar

    Good show, Ben, and although we did get to see some things that were never shown before to the public, I found that the second part of the presentation was too rushed.
    Too bad that after CFFORM=xml and CFFORM=flash we now get a CFFORM=html on top, which makes three ways to show a form to your audience, and they don’t share the same functionality at all… not good!
    PS: do you ever get to see your kids? 🙂

  2. Jean-Michel Rottiers Avatar
    Jean-Michel Rottiers

    Yum Yum more things to play with, to test and integrate…
    thank you for your time
    (download in progress)

  3. Phil Millard Avatar
    Phil Millard

    That is so unfair… my buddies got to go and now they are talking about Scorpio like it is already here. Remember to tell the EC to upgrade their Flash Players!

  4. Dimitris Chatzopoulos Avatar
    Dimitris Chatzopoulos

    Hi Ben,
    I believe that yesterday, we all attended a very interesting presentation (more in Flex2 though, and less about CFMX 8.0).
    To work with the Flex2 technologies you have to convince the EC to adopt Flex required components like the latest version of Flash Player + Coldfusion Server 7.0.2 …
    Yesterday, I set a question which concerns a possible development of a new form element, which we can call "Combo box". You semi-answered it, like it might exist in Flash, but that you weren’t sure about CF.
    The "Combo box" can be a combination of a drop-down list or list box and a single-line textbox, allowing the user to either type a value directly into the control, or choose from the list of existing options.
    Can you see this coming? Is it feasible?

  5. Pablo Vos Avatar
    Pablo Vos

    Hello Ben,
    It was indeed a very interesting presentation. Looking forward to all the good things coming up in the new version.
    However, I cannot seem to find the exact location to sign up for testing the upcoming BETA release. Could you point me to it?

  6. Pablo Vos Avatar
    Pablo Vos

    Never mind, I found it already…{E9F64ADB-DADA-485E-BFFE-60E0D783EBEF}

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