Figleaf Is In Love, Awwwww

Ok, the page and content do cause raised eyebrows, but the fact that someone over at Figleaf took the time to create that Flash animation is mildly disconcerting, despite the sentiment. 😉

5 responses to “Figleaf Is In Love, Awwwww”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Could you please warn us when linking to a #$%! auto-playing noisy page?

  2. Adam Fortuna Avatar
    Adam Fortuna

    Man that scared the hell out me haha

  3. Jen Avatar

    LOL… oh that is a hoot. I wish I had as much free time as that designer.

  4. TJ Downes Avatar
    TJ Downes

    I share their sentiments!!!! I <3 Adobe!

  5. Angeli Wahlstedt Avatar
    Angeli Wahlstedt

    That’s amusing. But I gotta admit that after reading all the comments, I was afraid I was going to see something that isn’t "work-safe" 🙂

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