The first two weeks of our upcoming spring pre-Scorpio usergroup tour have been finalized. Here are the names and dates of the first 7 venues:

More to follow!

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  1. Dallas is looking forward to the the visit as well! The first day that we put out the message about you possibly coming, I logged over 50 folks from our CFUG that said they would be attending. I would *love* that kind of attendance for our regular meetings. That said, I have just announced that you will be presenting at every DFWCFUG meeting from here to eternity. Hope you can fit that in. 😉

  2. Great Flex talk in Ottawa today Ben, I take it you won’t be back up to the cold for the Scorpio tour, will you?

  3. We are bummed that you are not coming to Portland, OR… but a group of Central Oregonians are hoping to make the journey to Seattle.
    Road trip!

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