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  1. The mashup was created in Flex 2, using an embedded Flash 8 swf for the Yahoo maps. Communication between Flash 8 & Flash 9/Flex is done using a localConnection object. Hope that clears it up.
    Thanks for posting this Ben, I hope everyone enjoys it.

  2. I’m assuming this is using Flex 1.5 since from what I’ve seen of the Yahoo Maps interface it works with 1.5. I’m very interested in doing a Yahoo map mashup with a Flex 2 project I’m working on. Does anyone have any info on upcoming Yahoo release of a 2.0 compatible component?

  3. Honestly, it didn’t take more than a few hours. I worked on it one night 2 weeks ago, and have been polishing it here-and-there when I find the time. Overall, I’d say a maximum of 6-7 hours was put into that version. It is actually pretty easy once you are familiar with the Flex framework. The hardest part was getting Yahoo Maps incorporated and working properly using the localConnection object.

  4. Ah, just like all my jobs– 2 hours. Seriously, nice little app!
    It’d be nice if the stats on the left would update when I pan or zoom the map.
    Also, the pie chart is not useful when there are many miniscule values–like one person of a certain race in a population of thousands. I’m also not clear the color coding in the pie–sometimes one race will show up in one color then the next time it’s another color.
    But… overall, nice.

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