Bruce Eckel On Why Flex And Flash

Bruce Eckel has posted his thoughts on Rich Internet Applications, why Java has failed as a viable client-side technology, and why he thinks Flash and Flex deserve some serious attention.

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  1. Clint Avatar

    Great, fantastic article. That’s what I’ve been trying to say, "The web is a mess". I hate trying to use Java applications, half never work and the rest is clunky, buggy, and ugly. As a Flex developer myself I love the fact that Flex is the king of RIA. My clients are always thrilled with my products beyond excitment. I can look forward to a very lucrative future. I can see Apollo and Flex apps powering the dashboards of flying cars everywhere, powering surgical tool interfaces, and nuclear power station monitors. My current Flex application project is a national support management system for an important government entity, to be used for resource mobilization during national crisis, like 911. To put it lightly, this application may help keep the US economy in balance if things get really bad. Too bad I can’t say more.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    The web is not a mess. Follow standards. Java sucks for the web. It should have never been pushed in this direction. But there is no way I will ever want a web technology to be controlled by one individual company. Unfortunately, Flex falls in this camp. As great as it looks, I don’t trust corporations to decide whats best for me. The days of proprietary development are over.

  3. Clint Avatar

    Your right, it’s not a mess if you stick with just one standard, one technology, one browser, one language, one method, all for any one application. Thus the point made with Flex and Flash.
    One thing I have found that Flex doesn’t do; WAP, PDAs, handhelds, whatever you want to use and call it, boils down to Flash Lite. When will this happen? Am I mistaken? Can Flex do Flash Lite? Or do I need to turn to Flash 8 IDE to develop the WAP version of my Flex app?

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