Get Paid To Provide Dreamweaver Feedback

Adobe User Research is researching work flows and functions of Dreamweaver by holding two Focus Groups in our San Francisco office on Monday, January 29th (next week). We know your time is valuable, so in addition to free parking, food and Adobe-branded gifts, we will also pay our participants $75 for this two-hour focus group. To see if you qualify, please fill in this survey. You will be contacted to schedule sessions.

3 responses to “Get Paid To Provide Dreamweaver Feedback”

  1. Mark Drew Avatar
    Mark Drew

    Damn, shame I can’t be in San Francisco, I would be interested in providing some honest feedback 🙂

  2. adam Avatar

    After I submit the survey, the next page won’t load.

  3. charlie arehart Avatar
    charlie arehart

    Ben, do you know if the folks holding such focus groups have considered doing so in a way that permits remote participants? It seems technically it would be little challenge, whether it’s just a meeting or even if they have people looking over our shoulders as we work (something they can certainly do via Acrobat Connect, of course).
    And if VOIP quality were a concern, they could do a phone call instead with the cost allocated to the money that would have been spent for food and parking for a live participant.
    It’s also possible that widening the audience beyond those local to HQ could affect the skill levels observed and kind of feedback received. This just a guess, of course.

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