Adobe is looking for experienced developers (including ColdFusion developers specifically) to join an advisory panel dedicated to the next major version of Flex and beyond. If you are interested, fill in the online application. Selected panel respondents will have the opportunity to provide feedback on future versions of Flex, and will get to test early releases of Adobe software. In appreciation, all active participants will be eligible to receive a complimentary license of an Adobe desktop product.

5 thoughts

  1. Ben,
    Can I be really honest?
    Adobe can keep their licenses, I think most of Flex 2 developers will be glad to participate with no retribution in mind 🙂

  2. I’m with Ben. If Adobe is going to throw out software licenses, I’ll take all they are willing to thrown my way… As a freelance programmer/consultant – FREE is ALWAYS the right price. If my only task is to evaluate and weigh-in my thoughts/opinions/findings?!?!? I’m in – if they’ll have me.

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