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  1. Narayan,
    Typically employers that would require such certification don’t migrate to new releases of CF or any other software right away. If you need your certifcation now then get it now, it should be valid for a while to come.

  2. When I login for the prerelease with my existing account i have for Fireworks 9 beta 3, i dont see any option to apply or download scorpio… common don’t play with us in this matter… we would kill for scorpio right now!!!! please advise!

  3. I entrolled from new and also can’t see a way to apply to download a beta. It’s a dead end with links to edit personal info and add computer profiles but that’s all.
    Adobe need to update their web app because I couldn’t find any job roles for programming and the computer profiles only give options for desktop or laptop – no server option.

  4. I also couldn’t find a link to sign up for the beta once I logged in… could it be possible that you are applying just by following the link and logging in?
    If so it sure would be nice if the page told you that.

  5. Same thing here Ben, your link leads to a log-in/create user page for me. I am already a user for the Contribute pre-release program, and I see no links or opportunities to join the Scorpio party.

  6. I just tried it and it worked fine for me. I created a new user account, and after the sign up I was presented with an option to sign up for the Scorpio beta. Then I signed in with an existing account and was presented with an option to sign up for the Scorpio beta. I have no idea why it’s not working for you, but will report it. Sorry.
    — Ben

  7. Well it would appear someone fixed something! 🙂 I just tried and I got the survey this time.
    Also I had a coworker who created a new account try again, and now he sees "Scorpio Prerelease Program" on the home page, where he didn’t before.

  8. Hi Ben,
    Do you happen to know if we can expect a public beta for the next version of JRun anytime soon?

  9. I had trouble signing in with FireFox. After username and password prompt it just took a while, until some server-side session validation error appeared. With MSIE it worked fine. Any software security suites were disabled. Quite possibly some temporary glitch, since it has worked for me before.
    Really hope I get into the beta, since I think I was too honest with the approximate test hours per week selection. And there wasn’t "Over 10 years" (of experience) or [x] I’m a software quality consultant by profession – selections available to compensate that anywhere. 😉

  10. I apply just a few second later you post the news. I receive the adobe mail but i can’t download beta yet. How long takes the authorization process? I appreciate any helps. I want scorpio in my box.

  11. Anyone have any idea of when the new version of Coldfusion will be released.
    Even just a ball park figure.

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