ColdFusion Helps Power

Practical eCommerce is running a story about Teri Gault, and a system she developed to help shoppers save money by best leveraging shopping coupons. Trying to help her family through financial difficulties in the late 90s, Teri became an expert on how to best take advantage of shopping coupons. And then, at the suggestion of her husband, she turned that knowledge into an online business. She initially built herself, but now with over 100,000 members, 26 employees, and franchises in 49 states, she has taken the CEO role and has farmed out application development to Sonik newmedia LLC who built the system in ColdFusion (the site runs on ColdFusion MX 6.1 today). Oh, and Sonik newmedia LLC (who run their own public site on ColdFusion) also claim Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Marriott, Susan Komen Foundation, and Zurich as clients.

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