CF/Flex Seminar In Ottawa

The November Flex + ColdFusion seminar in Toronto was so successful that we’re doing it again, this time in Ottawa. Join me for a half day seminar to learn why there’s simply no quicker or easier way to create Rich Internet Applications than the combination of Flex 2 and ColdFusion MX 7. I may even get to show off examples of ColdFusion Powered Apollo applications! The event will take place at Adobe’s cool new Ottawa office on February 6th, and registration is required.

2 responses to “CF/Flex Seminar In Ottawa”

  1. Joe Mastroianni Avatar
    Joe Mastroianni

    Just signed up. It’s not too cold up here in Silicon Valley North, I promise!

  2. Doug Hyde Avatar
    Doug Hyde

    Wish I could come…have to be in California, and once you get here, you will understand why I am not changing my plans!

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