ColdFusion Powers Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship is the world’s leading mixed martial arts sports association, and the Official UFC web site is powered by ColdFusion. The site seems to have been created by Getfused (also a ColdFusion site) in partnership with EZ Tech Group (yes, also powered by ColdFusion) who also built ColdFusion powered sites for the New England Patriots, Legal Sea Foods, and more. And no, sorry, I am not a UFC fan, I have to thank Will Tomlinson for brining this one to my attention.

3 responses to “ColdFusion Powers Ultimate Fighting Championship”

  1. David O Malley Avatar
    David O Malley

    I would expect nothing less from 3-time Superbowl Champions! GO PATS!

  2. Sean Corfield Avatar
    Sean Corfield

    And it’s a Fusebox site! Yay!
    Fusebox 5.1 is currently in public beta –

  3. Mark Mandel Avatar
    Mark Mandel

    I’m a huge UFC and general MMA / Combat Sport fan! I never realised, and I’ve been to that site a million times. Ooops! well found!

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