My desktop wallpaper is now a really cool piece artwork created by Roberto Riutort featuring the Scorpio pre-release logo. This one is red hot, or should that be hot red (actually, I think I’d have preferred for it to be in ColdFusion Blue rather than Adobe Red).
If you’d like it for your computer (admit it, you want it), you can now grab it for yourself from the Scorpio page on Labs. There are two versions of the artwork for you to choose from (I prefer the first myself). Download it, and proudly declare to the world (or at least your coworkers) that you have impeccable taste and are looking forward to 2007 as the year of Scorpio!

12 thoughts

  1. I’m torn between the Scorpio wallpaper and the Apollo wallpaper. I think we need a "Scapollio" wallpaper mash-up…Anyone?

  2. Steve, nice! If anyone else has pics to share, please do. I’d love to see that wallpaper projected on big screens and monitor walls and who knows what else.
    — Ben

  3. Coldfusion should stay Blue. I don’t see any reason to change to red, that is the Flash color… throwing away your branding and causing confusion instead of coldfusion… cold=blue, red=hot, Blue is intuitive, red is counter-intuitive… maybe all the code names could keep to the theme of blue/cold if they are going to be generally known

  4. Michael, you are reading too much into this. A graphic designer created these, it was a generous gesture, and the art is cool. It’s not some design decision from on high, and the CF official color remains blue.
    R, that’s old news. And it means nothing. Labs uses PHP because the most feature complete Wiki out there is written in PHP, that’s it. And since Labs came online, most of has been switched TO ColdFusion.
    — Ben

  5. "Labs uses PHP because the most feature complete Wiki out there is written in PHP, that’s it."
    Oooh — do I smell a slight tickler of a challenge there? 😉 🙂
    Makes sense — you always have to use the best tool, even if it is <cough> <?php> </cough>
    Happy Holidays!

  6. You can’t get to the Scorpio page anymore from going to the new (non-php, is it CF?) ! Not linked on any pages. I had to come here to get the link.

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