The Register Interviews Mark Anders

The Register is running an interview with Mark Anders, formerly a key member of the Microsoft ASP.NET team, and now one of the brains driving Flex 2. Not an overly technical interview, but worth reading primarily for the comments on Microsoft and WPF.

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  1. Sam Farmer Avatar
    Sam Farmer

    Interesting interview.
    Sounds like you could do with taking some time to talk to Mark about CF!

  2. D K Avatar
    D K

    Anytime I bring up Apollo the first thing I’ve been met with is:: our users will not be able to install the runtime let alone any of the individual applications. I’m not sure how much of that is speculation based on the FAQ terminology, but it seems a serious concern especially in the Government sector.
    Good read though. I hadn’t seen much on the Windows stuff so that was good to know and look more up on 😀

  3. Mary Branscombe Avatar
    Mary Branscombe

    Thanks for the link Ben! We did cover some more technical aspects, especially talking more about strong typing, but with the length I had to cover the interview (even after arguing my editor into doubling the initial word count!) I wasn’t able to present all of that; I wanted to cover his views on more than just Eclipse and I did think his views on the RIA aspect and how the platforms for both apps and RI apps are developing were very interesting.
    cheers 😉

  4. Mark Anders Avatar
    Mark Anders

    Mary, maybe you could post a "Part 2" interview! 🙂

  5. Vince Bonfanti Avatar
    Vince Bonfanti

    I’d be very interested in reading more of what Mark has to say about strong typing, if this could be posted somewhere.

  6. Mary Branscombe Avatar
    Mary Branscombe

    Mark – I’ve tried twisting my editor’s arm and he’s impervious – but Simon and I have both now written other pieces based on our chat in – think back to the dim and distant past – paper magazines like PC Plus and Web Designer and I’ll look out for the links. Maybe we can catch you when we’re in town after CES and talk some more 😉

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