RIM Wants To Destroy My BlackJack

Many have commented on the fact that the Samsung BlackJack is the most BlackBerry like alternative to BlackBerry itself. From the scroll wheel to the form factor to the color and more. But apparently, when it comes to appearances, we actually are able to distinguish the BlackJack from the BlackBerry, and we don’t confuse the two. What’s really confusing us is the name. After all, BlackJack, BlackBerry – they sound so similar that I almost bought the wrong one and I keep mixing the names up. NOT!
But Research in Motion (the makers of BlackBerry) apparently thinks the names are so similar that it will indeed be confusing for users. And as such, RIM is suing Samsung over the name BlackJack. They want damages, and also want Samsung to deliver all BlackJack devices in the U.S. to it for destruction, including all of those that have already been sold.
No word yet on whether or not they’ll be suing blackberry farmers the world over, casinos offering Blackjack tables, and jewelers (where shoppers may confuse merchandise with the new BlackBerry Pearl).
You know, this story just warms my heart. It makes me feel better knowing that our Canadian neighbors are just as capable of filing stupidly frivolous lawsuits as we are here in the U.S.
And sorry RIM, you can’t have my BlackJack! Phhhbbttthhhh!

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  1. TJ Downes Avatar
    TJ Downes

    This makes me want one even more.
    I have a BlackBerry (7290) and frankly, I hate it. I’ve had a few Pocket PC/smart/pda phones and the BlackBerry, in my opinion, is very lacking. I’ve turned off the email service months ago… I’ve just been using it as a regular cell phone until I can find a replacement device I’ll be happy with.
    Next thing you know RIM will be suing General Mills over BooBerry.
    Interesting, my Captcha is RMSUC, LOL… Ben?!?!

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