ColdFusion XML Form Components Now Online

Wim Dewijngaert wrote to tell me that ColdFusion XML form components is now online. This new site sells DHTML components designed to be used with ColdFusion

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  1. chris Avatar

    Have you taken a look at mxajax? Or Activewidgets?
    If so, I’d be curious to hear your take on any differences between the xml form components you posted and mxajax/activewidgets? I use mxajax and activewidgets and think both are pretty handy.

  2. Wim Avatar

    ActiveWidgets are cool, but not integrated into XML CFFORMs. And they are MUCH, MUCH more expensive (USD 2450.00 for a site license).
    MXajax is a library for CF ajax integration and needs programming. XML FORMS don’t need a single line of code, they work just like ordinary forms. No other knowledge is needed.

  3. Nolan Dubeau Avatar
    Nolan Dubeau

    Odd, there doesn’t appear to be any demos on the site.

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