Flash Lite 2.1 for Windows Mobile 5

Now that it looks like I’ll be keeping my Samsung BlackJack (until I find something better, that is) I needed to install a Flash Player on this device. A preview release of Flash Lite 2.1 for Windows Mobile 5 (both Pocket PC and Smartphone) is up on Labs.
Installation is simple enough. Once installed there is a registration step that you need to go through, look for a file named License.txt (installed on the device), it’ll contain a registration URL and a license key which you’ll need to provide.

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  1. Hanzo Avatar

    Yo man, when I install the flash lite on my black jack, it doesnt seem to find the license.txt to register it. So everytime i go to, it says that i dont have the right flash. Could you please give me a tip that will help me out. Thanks

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    You need to open that license file and use the license number in it to register, it is not automatic.
    — Ben

  3. John Avatar

    Hello, I to have a samsung blackjack and i need a flashplayer installed on it. I was wandering if you could give me a step by step way to do this as you did. Thanks I would really appreciate this.

  4. Seo Avatar

    Good post, where can I find new version exactly?

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