Marco Martins wrote to let me know about the new Brazilian National ColdFusion User Group. ColdFusion has some very important customers and deployments in Brazil, but community support withered somewhat during the Macromedia era, and this new group is going to be an important part of reinvigorating the Brazilian ColdFusion community. The group had their first meeting earlier this week, and I want to publicly congratulate them on this important milestone. And yes, I am planning a trip to Brazil for early 2007, and will be sure that this new group makes it on to my agenda.

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  1. Ben, they are also running the first national census, which is very important. The first step to reinvigorate the community is know who we are, how many, etc.
    The census is running here: (portuguese only)
    Hope to see you soon next year, but I advised that you’re going to be demanded in your next trip! I’m currently co-managing the AUG-SP – (former CFUG-SP) and we definitely want to host a meeting with you here in São Paulo. The meetings are currently taking place at Adobe’s brazilian office but I’m not quite sure if it support the audience we aways expect when you show up. 😉
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Thank you for supporting our effort, Ben. We have now many projects besides the census that Alex mentioned and we hope that by the time you get to Brazil we will have some results of our work already to show. Just a reminder: CFUG-BR is for now based in Brasília, the capital of Brazil for those who do not know. (Many think it’s Sao Paulo or Rio). We are open for any international UG who have the interest on knowing how we are doing our work if there is any interest on folowing the same steps for stimulating the growth of ColdFusion.

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