Kuler is a new online application that you can use to explore and experiment with colors and color themes. Honestly, I am not a designer (duh!), so while the UI is cool I doubt it’s an app I’ll use much myself. What is really cool, at least for me, is that the backend for this app is ColdFusion powered Model-Glue (as noted by Sean Corfield).

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  1. its a really great product, but what I don’t get is where model-glue fits into the whole CF/Flex equation?

  2. Model-Glue doesn’t fit into the CF/Flex equation.
    MG, Fusebox MVC, and Mach-II are just ways to present an HTML interface that "talks to" CFCs that contain all of the application’s logic, much in the same way Flex would use RemoteObjects. In essence, you can have a Model-Glue application and a Flex application each talking to the same set of CFCs.

  3. Hi – I’m the lead developer on the kuler project. Just to clarify – kuler’s user interface was built with Flash 9 and Actionscript 3. It communicates with the backend server using a REST based protocol that sends & receives theme data as XML. The services that are accessed on the backend are built using CFMX 7. We are currently using Reactor to handle the database objects on the backend. However, due to the unexpected high traffic of the site, we are looking into switching to the Transfer ORM since it has a bit faster performance. Currently, the only piece that fully uses Model-Glue is our admin tools application for managing the site’s content.
    Also, we’ve made a number of performance enahancements since launch, so the slowdowns previously experienced should be mostly resolved.”

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