Check Out Todd Sharp's cfcFlexplorer

Todd Sharp has created cfcFlexplorer, a really Flex based nice CFC explorer and tester. It’ll scan your server to find the available CFCs, show you CFC specifics, and prompt you for arguments to allow you to test methods. Nice job, Todd!

5 responses to “Check Out Todd Sharp's cfcFlexplorer”

  1. todd sharp Avatar
    todd sharp

    Thanks for the link and the kind words Ben! I really enjoyed building this project, but unless someone REALLY generous hits my wishlist in the next 23 days before my 30 day trial expires it’s going to cost me about $450 to keep maintaining it 😉

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Todd, you always have the SDK for free. You’ll not have the cool IDE, but the code will compile and will work.
    — Ben

  3. plastik Avatar

    Todd. Congrats for the great job. Thank you.

  4. Estetik Avatar

    Where did you get trailers feed? You’ve done something I want to do for the redesign of my site, but I can’t seem to find a feed to read from.

  5. burun esteti?i Avatar
    burun esteti?i

    I agree – there is room for both Flash and Ajax. Adobe made a wise move in open sourcing Flex.

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