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  1. Yeah, if you have cfeclipse installed it will do that. keybindings across plug-ins are downright nasty to create and manage from a plug-in development perspective, but it is possible to programmatically turn them on and off. I do that in most of the plug-ins I have written recently, but I don’t do much CF development these days, so I don’t have much incentive to work on it. I’ll see if I can sort it out if I get a chance.
    In the meantime, you could always reassign either the CFEclipse or Eclipse keybinding so that you have a shortcut that works.

  2. This behavior is true for any tab in any view in Eclipse – very useful! I often double-click the Perforce changelist tab to get a full-screen display of the files in each active changelist…

  3. here’s a trick: map the same key for two different shortcuts in two different scenarios. My example:
    F12 = "Activate Editor" when "In Windows"
    F12 = "Maximize Active View or Editor" when "Editing Text"
    this way, you can first press F12 to jump into an editor window (if focus is on a view, such as search results) then subsequent presses of F12 will alternate between maximized and normal editor sizes.

  4. The issue here is mainly an issue of getting more screen real estate. It is also nice to move stuff off to the side for "Fast View" If you click on the side (right click on Windows, don’t know the Mac technique) by the tab in Project View and such and select the "Fast View" it will go to the right. Then just click the Icon on the right to get a temp view of the content that disappears once you click outside the section. Very helpful. (You can also set the "Fast View" again for a moment if you want the section to pursist when working with your code.)

  5. I am so used to using cntrl + m to maximize a window. If you are the same the easiest thing to do is switch the shortcut for the cfeclipse find matching tag key.

  6. Who in the hell is even using Flex yet? I mean really, CF is near-death, why another loser development platform that is a bitch to setup and use. Oh, and slow, since it requires Java.

  7. Great, another whiny loser. Nice post ‘John’. If you are too pathetic a wimp to post a real name and e-mail address or link then you don’t deserve a response. Now go turn off your Gameboy, put away your Star Trek posters, crawl out of your mother’s basement, kiss a girl, and get a life. Then when you have grown up a bit we can have a mature civilized discussion. Maybe.
    — Ben

  8. HA! Ben that is very funny! I was looking (googling) for how to fully maximize the eclipse window – I mean FULL SCREEN like a browser – and wound up here. Reading your response to John made it worth visiting :~)… yeah… put away the Star Trek stuff and kiss a girl.. haha! You left out Dungeons and Dragons tho :~)
    Jim S.
    Jacksonville Web Design
    Jacksonville, FL USA

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