Jen deHaan Blogs The MAX Keynotes

Jen deHaan has posted detailed blow-by-blow descriptions of MAX Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes. These are the best summaries (if you can call them that) I’ve seen yet, and are a definite must read!

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  1. Joe Meboe Avatar
    Joe Meboe

    My recommendation for Max 2007 is to have it back at Walt Disney World in Orlando. We had some great conferences there and we should return there for Max 2007.Thanks.

  2. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    So looking at Max and what information was exposed about CF 8….
    I really really really want a statement from Adobe addressing each of the items from this post:
    I may not 100% agree on a couple of things, but he pretty much sums up everything that is missing from CF. If Adobe can release the quality that is Flex 2 Builder, will they please get behind CF Eclipse, I mean REALLY get behind it.
    I’d also like Adobe to look at BlueDragon 7 enhancements. These are customer driven (probably MySpace) enhancements. You should be prepared to listen to one of the biggest users of CFML.
    I was kinda disappointed about Max. Cfimage…whoopee I mean yeah wow…this should have been done YEARS ago. Personally that should have been a footnote. There must have been other features you could have mentioned.
    I can see the enhanced debugging being really useful.
    I’ve been coding CF since 1999 and it has come a long way. It’s an amazing product. I was expecting more from Max when it came to CF 8 information.
    One of the best things I think from the Keynote speeches was Fireworks export to Flex. Now that is thinking out of the box!

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I don’t think we’re going to comment on each item on that list, sorry. We’re not in public beta yet, so we are still quite limited in what we can say. We did show imaging, we did show server monitoring, we did show .NET integration, and we did talk about other stuff too. But we’ll not be commenting on lots of specifics until a little later in the process. Products that we already in beta got more specific coverage at MAX, CF Scorpio is not so it did not.
    Not sure I agree that we need to look at what New Atlanta has done with BD. They need to do what is best for them, we need to do what is best for our customers. CFMX7 was very customer driven, and Scorpio will be as well. That may align with what NA is doing, and it may not.
    And yes, I agree that the IDE discussion is ultra important. But no comments on that one yet.
    — Ben

  4. James, F.E. Avatar
    James, F.E.

    Were the keynote addresses filmed for later posting on Adobe’s website, as has been done in previous years? For those of us who couldn’t attend they’ve been a good way to keep up with what is going on.

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    James, yes they will be. I’ll post the URL as soon as I have it.
    — Ben

  6. Adam Reynolds Avatar
    Adam Reynolds

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the comment. I do realise I come across negative sometimes, but it is only because I care! 😉
    Really looking forward to the beta of CF8 and I do realise it is some way off..hey ho.
    Anyway can’t wait for the videos of the key note. I really want to know if you look good in spandex…

  7. James, F.E. Avatar
    James, F.E.

    Do you know if the keynote videos for MX 2006 were ever posted online?

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