MAX Keynote, Don't Be Late! Really!

I am in Hall D of The Venetian going over tomorrow’s opening keynote content. Opening rehearsals are going on behind me, and this opening will blow you away. Remember the laser light show in 2000? This tops it! The opening is being kept top-secret, I absolutely can’t share any details. Sorry. 😉 The keynote starts at 8:30, be there earlier for the best seats! Trust me on this one, DON’T SHOW UP LATE!

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  1. Mark Parker Avatar
    Mark Parker

    For us that live in the UK – is there any web streaming going to be available of your keynote speech?
    — on an aside – I was in Vegas in June! Have fun! Remembering that… <cfset lasvegas = "stays in vegas">
    Have a great day! and Good Luck!

  2. Abdul Qabiz Avatar
    Abdul Qabiz

    Just guessing who would be opening speaking. I must say, Keynote is one of the best things I enjoyed last year and one of things I would miss this year 🙁
    Hope you guys have good time…. Thanks for sharing things via blogs, pictures and videos..Yeah we need them..

  3. John Farrar Avatar
    John Farrar

    I don’t know if you guys can fit it in on short notice, but hope you get to show off some of the new "Magic" that just came into the company!

  4. Brandon Harper Avatar
    Brandon Harper

    Wouldn’t that be something more like:
    <cfset LasVegas.Happens = "Stays in vegas" />
    <cfset LasVegas.setHappens("stays in vegas") />
    <cfset LasVegas = CreateObject("component", "trips.LasVegas.PrivacyDecorator").init(LasVegas) />
    Sorry, I had a nerd moment.

  5. Robb Avatar

    If there was video of the keynote please post the url.

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