Join The Adobe Fireworks 9 Beta

I just bumped into the Fireworks Product Manager. Yes, the Fireworks that we design-challenged-coders love so much has a Product Manager, and she told me that Fireworks 9 is in beta, and that you can sign up for the beta now.
Oh, and to all of you chicken little doomsayers, phhhbbttthhh!

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  1. Mauricio Giraldo Avatar
    Mauricio Giraldo

    Hi Ben
    The link’s to be broken.

  2. Mauricio Giraldo Avatar
    Mauricio Giraldo

    I meant "the link’s broken"
    should be:

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Thanks, fixed.
    — Ben

  4. Trygve Avatar

    That made my day! I love Fireworks, I’m so happy Adobe is still developing it.

  5. Ant Avatar

    Yeah, lets just hope they dont try to turn it into a Photoshop sibling. That would break my heart.

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