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  1. don;t waste your time with a stagnant language that is not in the top 20 programming languages, i mean even google code search doesn’t support it because it only has a couple of more years life, want a career get out of this, even the big guys like Ray camden tell people to go and do something else

  2. I’m not sure where this came from, but I have never told people to do something else. Please tell me where you read this. By the way – I have little respect for someone who won’t post their name. If you don’t like CF – fine – but at least be honest with your identity.

  3. I was going to delete your comment, not because of the content (you are free to voice you opinion) but because you are a pathetic wimp using the creative name asdf (and just as creative an e-mail address). But nah, instead I’ll leave your comment posted with this comment attached. If you have something to say worth saying, don’t hide behind anonymity.
    — Ben

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