Online CFUG Goes Offline At MAX

Steve Erat has announced that the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group will be meeting offline Tuesday evening at MAX. It’s great to see more and more unofficial events and impromptu meetings cropping up. After all, networking (the social kind, not WiFi) is a big part of the MAX experience.

3 responses to “Online CFUG Goes Offline At MAX”

  1. asdf Avatar

    don;t waste your time with a stagnant language that is not in the top 20 programming languages, i mean even google code search doesn’t support it because it only has a couple of more years life, want a career get out of this, even the big guys like Ray camden tell people to go and do something else

  2. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    I’m not sure where this came from, but I have never told people to do something else. Please tell me where you read this. By the way – I have little respect for someone who won’t post their name. If you don’t like CF – fine – but at least be honest with your identity.

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I was going to delete your comment, not because of the content (you are free to voice you opinion) but because you are a pathetic wimp using the creative name asdf (and just as creative an e-mail address). But nah, instead I’ll leave your comment posted with this comment attached. If you have something to say worth saying, don’t hide behind anonymity.
    — Ben

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