Nitobi Ajax Components Now With ColdFusion Support

Nitobi created two very cool Ajax components, a sophisticated data grid, and a very powerful combobox (demos online). And Nitobi has just announced a ColdFusion wrapper for these components.

2 responses to “Nitobi Ajax Components Now With ColdFusion Support”

  1. Andre Charland Avatar
    Andre Charland

    Hey Ben,
    Thanks for the blog post! We’re really excited to be supporting and part of the cold fusion community. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. We have CFC and dreamweaver support in the roadmap.
    High Five!

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Thank you, we love seeing support for CF. Also, FYI, I know Ray Camden had some comments and suggestions re your CFML code, he’ll contact you directly.
    — Ben

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