So Why Is MAX At The Venetian?

Sure, The Venetian is one of Vegas’ hottest properties. And it’s also home to both the Vegas production of Phantom of the Opera as well as Blue Man Group. And then there are The Grand Canal Shoppes and the spectacular new Venezia Tower. That’s all great. But what is really appealing about The Venetian is that The Venetian web site is powered by ColdFusion MX 7!
And you thought we just picked any old location for MAX! 😉

2 responses to “So Why Is MAX At The Venetian?”

  1. Alan Musselman Avatar
    Alan Musselman

    They also use Flash, Fireworks and Photoshop too! 😉

  2. Sterling Ledet - Adobe Authorized training Avatar
    Sterling Ledet – Adobe Authorized training

    For what it’s worth, I also know of a huge RoboHelp contract they signed (huge, in my opinion, as far as RoboHelp contracts go). I don’t know the exact amount, and my firm had nothing to do with it, but I think it was close to 6 figures.

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